Warner Bros., Tim Burton Courting Robert Downey Jr. to Star in Live-Action 'Pinocchio'

THR Heat Vision:
Tim Burton's interest in tackling a live-action version of Pinocchio is heating up, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. And Burton's choice to topline the movie is Robert Downey Jr. as Geppetto, the woodcarver who creates the puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy.

The Pinocchio story was first published in an Italian children's book written by Carlo Collodi and has been adapted several times, including the 1940 animated Disney classic.

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alycakes3923d ago

I think this is a good idea. If anyone can pull this off RDJ can. He or Johnny Depp. Tim Burton does such strange stuff anyway. I don't know exactly what he's thinking to do yet but whatever it is it will probably be pretty good.