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The Daily Rotation - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Review

The labyrinthine thriller based on John Le Carre's novel of the same name, Tom Hardy continues to make a name for himself, Tomas Alfredson marks himself as an interesting director to watch, and Gary Oldman shows an old dog doesn't need new tricks, he has plenty of old ones yet to employ.

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gaffyh3915d ago

I hear it's really slow to get going, but gets really good at the end, always hate that about movies, maybe because of my ADD

Johnny Jiron3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Quite slow. Never really picks up event wise. Has a couple of visceral moments. However, as for the genre it is and the book its based on this is never really meant to be. Its interesting. A movie made for its audience.

I suppose like "Munich" tho more aimed at the diplomatic side of things.

Beautifully shot, very well acted, several layers deep not just the actual espionage, but the characters lives as well.

[Just to get an understanding of my view, it should be noted that I had to Google the definitions of visceral & diplomatic. As well and look up the title for that very good movie Munich. So...I may be way off base. I liked the movie tho.]

alycakes3914d ago

Good to know...thanks. I want to see this. I love spy and conspiracy movies. Even if it's a little slow. It's probably more of a thinking movie than action but still interesting.

SRC3908d ago

I think Munich is a fair comparison. Munich had more action sequences, but really, most good political thrillers don't have that. It's definitely a thinking movie. The second time around I imagine it's even better, because you are more familiar with the character names.