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Alec Baldwin Renews '30 Rock' Deal

Jack Donaghy will remain in charge: Alec Baldwin has renewed his deal with 30 Rock, confirmed NBC’s entertainment chairman.

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alycakes3914d ago

You know I've never seen this show....not once have I watched this show.

xVeZx3914d ago

you should its really funny

alycakes3913d ago

I know...everyone on it is funny. I think I have this mental block and it has to do with not liking Alec Baldwin. That was the reason I didn't start watching it. By the time it became one of the better sitcoms I had missed too much and I still really don't like looking at Alec what can I say? It's a thing...just a stupid thing that I have always done.

If I ever see a person being interviewed and their personality comes across as someone that is a not so nice person in private life, I won't watch them on the tv or movies if I can avoid it.