Anchor Bay Picks Up Michael Biehn's Directorial Debut 'The Victim'

THR Heat Vision:
The "Aliens" actor also co-wrote and stars in the thriller.

Anchor Bay has picked up the North American rights to The Victim, a suspense thriller starring Aliens and Terminator actor Michael Biehn. Biehn also wrote the script and made his directorial debut with this pic.

The story sees a woman’s life put in jeopardy when she witnesses a violent act by two deputies. When feeling her pursuers, she stumbles across a recluse (Biehn) living in the woods, upending his solitary life.

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alycakes3926d ago

They say this is going to be like a grindhouse film and it reads like a typical one and the story is pretty basic but might be okay but I'll not be paying for it until it's out on dvd probably.