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Woody Harrelson Talks Post-'Rampart' Depression (Q&A)

The actor tells THR about his transformation from a "happy hippy living in Hawaii" into a tough Los Angeles cop, and his initial despair over the results.

Woody Harrelson, who portrays a corrupt police officer and Vietnam vet in the Oren Moverman-directed drama Rampart, talks to The Hollywood Reporter's executive features editor Stephen Galloway about training for the intense role, and getting into trouble in his youth.

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alycakes3445d ago

I guess we never really stop to think about how some of these roles affect the actor. Sometimes they have to go to deep dark places to play their roles. Heath Ledger had that problem...he had said a couple of times how he had trouble getting out of his depression after playing certain characters.

I like Woody and I love his most everything he's in, can't wait to see him is The Hunger Games. I do want to see Rampart too when it comes out. Serious or funny...he's a great actor.