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'Devil Inside' Earns $2M Midnights: Cost $1M

Paramount could have another Paranormal Activity mega-profit project in theaters today. That found footage exorcism pic The Devil Inside acquired for $1M opened with $2M midnights from 1,400 theaters. It goes wide into 2,300 theaters today. Funny enough Steven Schneider from the Paranormal Activity team is exec producer on this pic as well. The genre film plays very young and very ethnic so it will probably be frontloaded. But it’s rare for a studio to recoup its cost from just the midnight shows.

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alycakes3452d ago

This didn't surprise me when I read it. Very typical of this type of movie like the paranormal movies. We love to see this stuff. I just don't want to watch it in the dark...I guess it does scare me a bit.

gaffyh3451d ago

Wasn't there a game with the same name about ten years ago? I may be wrong but it rings a bell

alycakes3450d ago

There may have been...the name does sound familiar or maybe there was another movie with a similar name.

Nes_Daze3450d ago

I saw this movie, and I regret spending my money on it. And that's the first time I say such a thing about any movie. It was basically a Paranormal Activity spin-off, with some documentary, and the same dumb ending that leaves the audience wondering why the hell the directors even bothered making a plot.

alycakes3448d ago

I heard someone being interviewed that was coming out of the theater say basically the same thing...that it sucked and he wished he hadn't spent his money on it....I don't hear one thing then you hear another.