Frightening First US Trailer For Thriller 'ATM' With Alice Eve

Hey U Guys:
Low-budget horror/thrillers are usually one of two polar opposites. Either they’re brilliant, and they’re a bit of a waste of time. ATM looks to be very much in the former category, like a darker and more intense version of Joel Schumacher​’s Phone Booth.

David Brooks is making his feature directorial debut, with a script coming from Chris Sparling, who wrote the 2010 thriller Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds​, trapped inside a box for the entire ninety-minute film. Sparling seems to have a knack for being able to trap people inside enclosed spaces on camera, exploring what happens to them when things get ugly.

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alycakes3925d ago

This is one of those that just fraustrates you and would absolutely make me very angry if one of my children went to a place like this to use an ATM....I mean really!