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Da Man Of Steel (Spoiler, Maybe, Sorta. Avert Your Eyes)

Nerdist says

So I go halfway across the country to Chicago for a work assignment and the first thing I run into is a film crew, and smoke from distant brush fires creating a haze over the city. Just like home! It turns out that they’re shooting some of the Zack Snyder-directed, Henry Cavill-starring Superman reboot, Man of Steel, in Chicago, and I happened to walk up Wacker Drive while the crew was there. Actually, other than one sequence just rolling around the corner at Michigan Avenue, I didn’t see any action at all, but I did see craft services, and I was tempted to grab some food, because, hey, I’m at the outer fringes of show business — we’re all family, right? Er, no.

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cloud4953444d ago

I have high hopes for this film. I hope it doesn't disappoint.