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12 Years After 'Blair Witch,' When Will the Found-Footage Horror Fad End?

The Atlantic says

Horror is a genre of copycats. From the holiday-themed slashers spawned by Halloween, to the slew of Japanese-horror remakes like The Ring, to the torture-porn grotesqueries of movies like the Saw franchise, Hollywood horror filmmakers race to embrace the latest genre fads like insecure tweens aping Justin Bieber's newest hairdo. The runaway success of the Paranormal Activity franchise over the past few years has brought us the latest of the "me too" horror trends: the found footage film.

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pomoluese3916d ago

It's never going to go away because it's a different kind of art form that can be done really cheap and most filmmakers don't have money.

Crazay3916d ago

One of the comments I saw in this is who do they think they're fooling. I don't think anyone is actually being fooled. Its called suspending belief and enjoying the movie.

pomoluese3916d ago

Yeah I don't think/hope that people would be smart enough to know that if something is coming to theatres about aliens and whatnot and we haven't heard any news about this happening in real life, it's not real. And if it were real, someone would make sure the footage never saw the light of day.

starcb263915d ago

I had a friend on facebook complain to people that the movie is a documentary and that's why it wasn't meant to scare us...

jony_dols3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Then again if it wasn't for The Blair Witch then we wouldn't have Rec 1 & 2, which in my opinion are both modern horror classics.

And Cloverfield, even though it wasn't particularly scary, wasn't half bad either.

JL3914d ago

The term is actually suspension of disbelief, but yea you nailed it. The technique is great in that it helps to add a level of authenticity of sorts to the movie.

And complaints like "we know its not real" are just stupid. If thats the case, then Hollywood should cease all advancements of special effects. I know thats not a real alien in Prometheus, so might as well just use a hand puppet, right? Stupid people.

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FlashBack3915d ago

I like it, and maybe, MAYBE, just maybe , those 12 years shows it isn't just a fad, just a new genre, which I actually like, Cloverfield was different, but I loved it.

Crazay3915d ago

Cloverfield was WICKED!

gaffyh3914d ago

Yeah it was! Where is the sequel?

rezzah3914d ago

REC 1 and 2 (not Quarantine) is far better.

FlashBack3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

I wouldn't say better, but each has it's good points, and I watched REC, not Quarantine.

BTW are they going to f*ck up REC 3, I mean, a wedding? Chainsaws?

LettingGo3915d ago

I love the genre...except for The Blair Witch Project. :) It was just so **<<SPOILER>>** anti-climactic. Ya know?

Cloverfield, Quarantine, Rec (What Quarantine was based off of), and The Devil Inside have all been fantastic!

I also highly recommend Cannibal Holocaust, the movie that started this genre. ;) Absolutely brilliant!

FlashBack3914d ago

haha quarantine fantastic? ahah

JL3914d ago

Finally, someone who wasnt impressed with Blair Witch. I didnt care for that movie either. Anti-climactic is a good description of one of its problems. The marketing on that movie: genuis. The movie itswlf: not so much.

And another "good for you" for actually realizing Blair Witch didnt start this. There were several before Blair Witch ever came along.

T3MPL3TON 3915d ago

These movies will persist because people have gotten boring, all of these movies end up playing out the same and people keep droning on to the movie theater to see them.
People have gotten so used to Hollywood and all the 'Indie Filmmakers' churning out crappy movies that they just don't care. People will watch anything so long as it's 'new'.

I was having a similar discussion with friends and one of them said, "Cloverfield, was a pretty scary movie" I wasn't sure if I should get angry or just pat them on the head.

gaffyh3914d ago

As long as people have cameras these movies will still exist, they cost next to nothing to make, so there is no financial risk and for budding film makers it's there only option

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