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HBO Nicks Netflix By Refusing To Provide Discounted Discs

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Was Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes being coy or sarcastic last month when he told a Wall Street gathering that “Netflix is our friend”? You might think so now that HBO has stopped providing discounted DVDs of its programs to the video rental company. It’s not a show-stopper for Netflix, which can continue to buy discs in the open market. The company says that it “will continue to provide HBO programs on DVD and Blu-ray to our members.”

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pomoluese3445d ago

It's not like they can't just raise the price 50% again and justify it in a 5 page blog entry.

JL3444d ago

Mine (nor anybody I know that has it) even saw close to a 50% increase when Netflix raised their prices. In fact, with 2 DVDs out at a time and having the Streaming package as well, I (and the others) only saw like a $3 increase. That whole ordeal was blown WAY out of proportion (mainly by sensationalist media and then people just looking for bandwagons to jump on and bitch about things).

That being said, not really sure why you even brought that up as that seems to really have nothing to do with this. And almost seems like you're trying to make Netflix look like the bad guy here.

This is just an asinine move by HBO because they got outbid by Netflix for that TV series. Now they're pouting because Netflix has stated they'll buy more first-runs if this one is successful.

Crazay3444d ago

Well said by you JL. I thought the whole ordeal over the price increase was a total joke. Sometimes, companies need to raise prices of their product. It's just business and was hardly anything to bitch about.

HBO is probably pretty bitter about Kevin Spacey show and they're just showing their sour grapes. Seems to me that Netflix is falling from graces with some media companies because they're doubling the release window from DVD/Bluray release to streaming. Sucks for you guys and Netflix because they'll no doubt be the ones who get the blame.

pomoluese3444d ago

It was a 60% increase for me because I had the 1 DVD at a time plus streaming. Maybe it's not a big deal for other people, but when a product I use makes that big of a price jump in such a short amount of time, yeah it pisses me off.

I brought it up because the whole make the DVDs cost more thing was because they said the cost of DVDs is a lot more than streaming and that's why they wanted to phase it out so if they are going to continue to buy HBO dvds and other networks choose to take away the discounts, then maybe they will raise the price again.

pomoluese3444d ago

Damn I guess I'm the only one on the whole internet that hates netflix then.