Selene Converses With Hybrid Girl In Fresh 'Underworld' Clip

Bloody Disgusting says

It looks as if Sony Screen Gems is hinting at the mother-daughter relationship in the latest clip from Underworld: Awakening. The footage shown below shares a conversations between Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and Eve (India Eisley), a young girl who plays the vampire/Lycan hybrid. This young girl is said to be Selene's daughter and is primed to take over the franchise.

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alycakes3924d ago

I believe it is her daughter. I read that in an earlier story that she had a daughter hybrid and was put to sleep for all those years. When they first started filming that was the storyline they were telling.

DarkBlood3924d ago

trying to understand what your saying, are you saying its the child with the guy from the first 2 movies excluding the prequal one or do you mean before the first movie as in a unknown background kind of thing?

alycakes3923d ago

Yes, Michael's daughter.

DarkBlood3923d ago

oh ok i sort of see the resemblence though its not really thier child lol

but i heard the micheal character is non existent in this film do u know anything about that?