Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Photo with Ben Walker Fighting the Undead

Movie Web says

Timur Bekmambetov directs Benjamin Walker in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, based on the popular novel by Seth Grahame-Smith. A new photo has arrived from this hotly anticipated genre mash-up, which finds Benjamin Walker as Honest Abe fighting off a member of the Undead. Check it out below.

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alycakes3924d ago

This title has always sounded a little unusual to me but I really want to see this movie.

pomoluese3924d ago

If I didn't read that this still is from that film I never would have guessed. It just looks like some guy fighting another guy in an old house.

pomoluese3924d ago

Oh wait that may be because he's hunting vampires, duh. I was getting this mixed up with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

alycakes3921d ago

They think up the weirdest things to make movies of...