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The Daily Rotation - The Devil Inside Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "It’s really hard to review a movie like The Devil Inside, because it’s not really even a full movie; it’s half a movie. The film begins in familiar exorcism territory and just when it starts getting good it abruptly ends. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest; it literally goes from mid-scene to end credits. It’s not the kind of movie that tacks on a rushed 15 minute ending that was obviously forced on by the studios for sequel purposes. Oh no, The Devil Inside just ends mid-movie. The characters are in the middle of doing something that’s important for the films story and it just ends without any resolution whatsoever."

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Dylbosaggins3448d ago

This is very dissapointing :( i hate movies that end like this

RememberThe3573447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Aw shit... I'm getting dragged to it tomorrow and thats not what I wanted to hear...

alycakes3447d ago

Haven't seen I'm not even going to ask how.

DrRichtofen3447d ago

This movie is such a waste of time, the only part that made me jump was when a dog barked really loud from the other side of a wall. And besides that all the good parts are already shown in the previews.

Scribe813447d ago

Saw it. Terrible movie. Everything it says about the Catholic church's stance on exorcism is a backwards lie. Hopefully the lemmings of the world won't see this and think it true.

And there is closure at the end, the end is just plain dumb.


saw it last night and the review is spot on...a total piece of shit!

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