Some Speculation On The Hobbit Finale

Empire says

The following is both complete conjecture and a possible spoiler for The Hobbit: There And Back Again, so please think carefully before continuing. But when we spoke to Benedict Cumberbatch on set of Sherlock a little while back, we asked him about his roles in Peter Jackson's new epic, and he said something that may very well be a spoiler, so let's discuss that just a bit.

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pomoluese3924d ago

Interesting, when I read the title I thought they meant speculation on how they end it and I'm like there is a book out there that can you, but now I see they're talking about how Jackson added stuff in to make it work as a two part film.

I could never make it through any of Tolkien's works but I think Jackson did a fantastic job with lotr and I'm sure this won't disappoint.

gaden_malak3924d ago

The Hobbit is an easy read. I just finished reading it.

pomoluese3924d ago

I've tried reading them, several times. I just don't like his writing style.

gaden_malak3924d ago

Understandable, I found he was too descriptive in LOTR.