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Matthew Vaughn Likely Won't Direct 'Kick-Ass 2', Says Jane Goldman

Chloe Moretz can't stop teasing impending good news for a "Kick-Ass" sequel, but we haven't heard any official word outside of her cryptic hints. Co-writers Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn have said that they would be interested in a second film if it could top the first, but there were no immediate plans to follow up on the 2010 superhero cult hit. Even with a second "Kick-Ass" comic series on stands, official word on a movie sequel still hasn't hit.

But we may have some of the most concrete "Kick-Ass 2" news in a while. During an interview for her latest film, "The Woman In Black," Goldman told MTV News that while she's still enthusiastic about further exploring the world of "Kick-Ass," she doesn't believe that she and Vaughn would be back as writer and director, but instead as producers.

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alycakes3446d ago

I didn't see the first one and I wanted to but it just passed me by and I forgot about it. Some said it was really good and some didn't like it. If there is going to be a second one, then I am going to have to see the first one.

MinimeJer053446d ago

There goes my anticipation. Kick-Ass was my favorite movie of 2010 and without its original writers and directors I'm not sure it will have the same feel.

Dylbosaggins3446d ago

Really? this was one of my least favorite movies of 2010, the only good part in it was it girl, She needs her own movie, That id pay to go see, kick ass 2? not so much

alycakes3446d ago

See...2 different opinions on this already so I'm really wondering now....I will see the first one to find out.

ThichQuangDuck3445d ago

I went to a screening and met kick ass and hit-girl. I will not go see the sequel if it is not directed by Matthew Vaughn. Graphic Novel movies are having a lot of trouble recently either not being made or not being made by a faithful director. Vaughn did it right and should be able to continue to do so

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