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LRA: Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: I did not care of 2009's Sherlock Holmes. It just didn't do anything for me. Robert Downey Jr. was clearly having fun in the role and I was happy to see Jude Law finally become part of something successful on top of which it was a dramatic return to form for director Guy Ritchie who desperately needed a hit. Nothing in the movie excited me, I didn't find the mystery they were trying to solve to be of much interest and the villain (despite being played by the more than capable Mark Strong) was a bore. The comedy bits fell flat for me but I wasn't blind to the spark between Downey and Law who complemented each other well. The fact that I cannot recall much of anything from that first film tells me everything I need to know about it, it just wasn't very memorable and that is not something featuring those actors and that director should be. So with a heavy heart I decided to give it another go with the sequel and I'm glad I did. Because A Game of Shadows is the movie that first one should have been, it is smart, fun and is every bit deserving of the Sherlock Holmes name.

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alycakes3914d ago

This was another one of the best movies of the year. I can't say enough about it except that it was surprising how good it was.