Ghost Rider 2 Will Be "Wild and Freaky"

IGN hits the highway to hell to talk to Nicolas Cage about Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Five years ago, IGN declared Ghost Rider the Worst Comic-Book Movie Of The Decade. But bad superhero films are nothing new, so why does Johnny Blaze earn himself the right to a redux? IGN visited the set in Romania to discover how Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor – the gonzo firestarters behind Crank and Gamer – are turning Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance into a stylish, freaky groundbreaking 3D actioner.

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alycakes3926d ago

Yes...this is exactly what I was thinking it was about. Not a sequel or a reboot but a story all it's own a few years down the line after he's been suffering with this curse that he decided to keep from the devil.

Sounds awesome and I know it's going to be everything that I'm hoping for.

DarkBlood3925d ago

true after a bunch of clarifications that i finally understand its not a sequal related to the events of the first film but does take place years after it

pretty much a new adventure for ghost rider is how i understand it

looking forward to seeing it espically since it releases days after my birthday

alycakes3925d ago

Yes, I'm really looking forward to this one too. Enjoy your Birthday and the movie.

iceman29293924d ago

Hopefully this one is better than the last!

cloud4953923d ago

Releases near my Birthday. Might go watch it.