The Daily Rotation - Man on a Ledge Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Asger Leth‘s Man on a Ledge is what Joel Schumacher would have done if he was given the chance to make a sequel to Phone Booth. It starts out as a simple suicide case and escalates into a heist film. Man on a Ledge is your typical January thriller film that offers a little over an hour and a half of mildly entertaining cinema. Sam Worthington stretches his acting chops as the lead and Jamie Bell continues his career with another supporting role that tops the lead in terms of quality. The film is passable entertainment for 75% of the time, but the ending falls under its own weight and becomes a little too unbelievable with plot holes galore."

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alycakes3927d ago

It turns out not to be what I thought it was going to be. I saw a lengthy preview at the movies this weekend and something else is going on while all this is happening and it's all connected.

It may have some qualities but I probably won't pay to go see it.

MinimeJer053927d ago

Yeah, it's the type of film that would benefit from a blind rental or a cheap matinee.

alycakes3927d ago

Exactly...that's what I was thinking too.

SRC3927d ago

Sounds about what I expected. Worth a rental.