New TV Spot for Underworld Awakening Revealed

Coming Soon:

Screen Gems has started airing this second TV spot for Underworld Awakening, coming to 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D theaters on January 20.

Kate Beckinsale, star of the first two films, returns in her lead role as the vampire warrioress Selene, who escapes imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans, and are conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species.

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alycakes3926d ago

Can't wait! This is going to be good and it's the only vampire and lycan movie my husband will go see (no doubt for Kate Beckensale). I don't care as long as I have company on this one.

brittuf3925d ago

This one was the best one of the series. I found the sneak peek @ http://free.b4releasemovies...

DarkBlood3925d ago

nice cant wait to check it out in 3D

alycakes3924d ago

We'll see it in 2D but still I can't wait to see it.