Is It Too Soon For Kiefer Sutherland to Return to TV? | The Voice Of TV

The Voice of TV: The 24 star is set to star in a new FOX drama that will consist of him interrogating no one, and focusing more on something he never could do right as Jack Bauer – being a good father. The question for all of us though, are we ready for Kiefer’s return to TV on the same network but on a different show?

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alycakes3916d ago

I don't think it's too soon. He's been gone a couple of years now and I've missed him. I like his acting and I like the story line of this new show of his Touch so I hope it gets good ratings so it will make it and get picked up for more seasons.

moosekebabs3916d ago

If he was playing another Jack Bauer type character - yes, it would be too soon. But playing a fresh character? No problem. Leaving it too long would make him Jack Bauer and nothing else.