What IGN Wants: Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2


The Planet of the Apes reboot -- Rise of -- was a bona fide, if unexpected, hit. And being a hit these days means you get a sequel, especially when the film in question is the relaunch of a decades-old franchise that had previously spawned six movies, two TV shows, comics, toys and... this.

But what needs to happen in order to make the next film a success like Rise? Well, not surprisingly, we've got some ideas on the matter. Here's What We Want from Planet of the Apes 2. (And, needless to say, watch out for SPOILERS from the first film.)

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cloud4953926d ago

For me, James Franco did a good job in the film.

alycakes3925d ago

He did and the man that was in charge of Caesar the ape and his actions and reactions was great also.