Bad Ass - An Epic Beard Man Movie?

Dualshock Nexus: I guess we are finally living in an age where internet memes will come to life on the big screen. At first glance I assumed this trailer was a joke, but upon looking into it I've found that this movie may actually be real and is heading to the US in April.

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alycakes3451d ago

I saw this a while back and then saw the real old man that they got this idea was something else. The actual video of the actual old man was a little sad in a way....of course Danny Trejo not going to look that way on film so they make it look good.

MorningStar3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Lol looks funny bit interesting to get the idea from the old man but interestingly funny. I think its pathetic that they changed it from one mouthy black guy to two white guys. Pathetic political correct once again.

edwest3451d ago

As long as Amber Lamps is in it I'll be there lol.

Treezy5043450d ago

lol look at the LLC at the end of the video