Universal Considering 'Bridesmaids' Sequel Without Kristen Wiig

THR says

The "Saturday Night Live" star is refusing to do a reprise and tells THR she is working on something else with writing partner Annie Mumolo.

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Crazay3928d ago

I never even saw the original so I'm not sure this even matters to the movie anyway. has anyone here seen it? if so would this leave a big gap?

CPO3928d ago

It's basically Kristen Wiig's character having a melt down because she doesn't have luck with men and isn't getting married but her best friend is. Sure she did do a good job. But could the movie have been made with a totally different cast, or could a sequel be also done with different people? Absolutely.
To be honest it is totally possible a sequel would just be a poor re-tread like what recently happened with The Hangover 2.

pomoluese3927d ago

Eh, I don't really think this movie needs a sequel. It would just be a blatant project created to make more money, even if they say they're waiting for the right story they'll probably take whatever crap falls into their laps.

MinimeJer053927d ago

Dumbest idea ever. If you take out one of the key members of the cast and the writing team then you're practically spelling a disaster.