New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Images of Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone Hit the Web

THR Heat Vision:
Columbia Pictures’ 3D reboot will open in theaters on July 3.

In late December, a handful of images from Columbia Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man hit the web, showing Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) as a high school student.

Unlike the previously released photos, which seemed to focus on the day-to-day life of a teenage Peter Parker, the two new photos that have been released focus more on the troubles and danger that may face the main characters.

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pomoluese3918d ago

So I'm guessing she finds out he's spiderman if she's cleaning his wounds.

Dylbosaggins3917d ago

That actually makes sense, ha im already liking this remake better.

aDDicteD3917d ago

nice!, im so looking forward to this remake

alycakes3917d ago

This is going to be so different without MJ as the girl he's so in love with. I wonder what the backstory to her is going to be. They really haven't said much about that yet. It will be interesting to find out how they present this new relationship with her and everything else that happens to him.

pomoluese3917d ago

I'm not really a big spider-man fan as far as the comics go and I don't remember the old TV series, but I watched Spectacular Spider-man and I have to say I really like Gwen Stacy way more than MJ.

alycakes3916d ago

I just was never aware of Gwen and that's why I have a lot to learn about this character. I had no idea there was another love interest in Spiderman's life because all The Amazing Spider-Man comics and shows have MJ in them.

It will be interesting though and I'm sure it will be good.

Shang-Long3916d ago

Funny thing is Gwen was peters first love, and was killed off alot of ppl think he will love her more then mj. I for one am excited to see Gwen, and see if they kill her off.

Btw that scene in the first Spiderman movie when the green gob has mj on the bridge, that was orginaly Gwen

alycakes3916d ago

I don't know any of this...I need to go back to some of those old stories and inform myself so I'm not so much in the dark about all this.

krazykombatant3916d ago

If i recall, Gwen dies in the comics, she falls of a bridge, can't remember why so don't ask, and spidey tries to catch her with his web, catches her ankle but does it in the way that when he catches her, he snaps her neck as she is falling. True Story.

Shang-Long3916d ago

Either go on and look her up or use Wikipedia you get all the info there

alycakes3916d ago

Thanks...I will. Boy, there is a lot I don't know about this.

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