FOX's Difficult 'Terra Nova' And 'House' Calls

Deadline Reports:
When Fox’s executives face reporters during the network’s portion of the winter TV Critics Association press tour on Sunday, the futures of two series — freshman Terra Nova and veteran House — are expected to be a popular topic (along with the survival chances of low-rated cult favorite Fringe of course). The producers of Terra Nova and House were hoping to find out whether their shows are being renewed by end of December. (House creator David Shore has been vocal about needing time to end the series properly if this indeed is its final season.) That didn’t happen, but Fox brass are pressed to make a decision quickly, especially in the case of Terra Nova, which has to go into production by April in order to be ready for fall.

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alycakes3452d ago

I like House but I do think it's time for it to's had a good run and it should quit while it's ahead. As for Terra Nova, It's a good show too but I'm sure it's high dollar production and are the ratings good enough to keep spending that kind of money?

C_Menz3451d ago

I love House but it would be nice for it to end in the next season or so. Make it go out with a bang involving all of the main characters and make it something to remember. Don't just have a normal season and then end it all in the final 1-2 episodes.

As far as Terra Nova it is also the only other Fox show I watch. It dragged a bit in mid season since they tried to just do a bunch of episodes not relating much to the plot. Terra Nova should just stick to the plot and get a good 2-3 more seasons out of it before ending.

*Spoliers* The season finale introduced a very good plot twist with the Badlands. Possible Bermuda Triangle reference there, and is sure to spark interest if they handle it in a good way. Could possibly turn into a "Lost" type show with a lot of mystery, strong plot, and plot twists if they go that way.

alycakes3450d ago

Yes but they do need to do that and get on with it like you said because they did waste a lot of time at the beginning.

rezzah3450d ago

They wanted character development, which they did well. now it is time to continue on with the main story. Which of course will take place in the bad lands.

Dylbosaggins3450d ago

I agrre terra nova, but i think the finale went so well that it redeemed itself and am strongly looking forward to season 2

Dylbosaggins3450d ago

PLEAAAASE bring back terra nova, was one of my favorite new series this year

alycakes3450d ago

Yes, I agree it was one of the best new shows to watch and they know that. I think they are just worried the the cost to keep producing it is a lot more than they expected. I think if they continue to show it next season they are going to be watching their ratings and their money a little closer.