Infinite Ammo Review - Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Most movie stars manage to brand themselves in order to generate ticket sales. People watch movies starring Jennifer Aniston because they like Jennifer Aniston. People watch movies starring Arnold Schwarzenneger because they like Arnold Schwarzennegger (unfortunately, they voted for him for the same reason). If Will Ferrel is in a movie, he’s pretty much guaranteed a healthy turn out of Will Ferrel fans. Which makes Tom Cruise a curiousity. People don’t watch Tom Cruise movies because Tom Cruise is in it, but in spite of the fact he’s in it.

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alycakes3926d ago

I think it's wrong to presume that "no one" likes the lead actor...that's thinking for everyone. I happen to like Tom Cruise as he is now. He has matured and has become a better man and a better actor because of his mistakes in the past.

I didn't care for a lot of his earlier movies and I happen to like a lot of his recent ones. I went to see the last two MI movies because of him and no one else. I loved that he had Simone Pegg in it because I love him in everything he does but Tom Cruise made that movie work for everyone else involved.

chaos_mechanica3925d ago

I personally have no issue with Cruise either: I've seen a bit of his movies and they've been good throughout his career. This isn't be luring you deeper into our site, but would you mind posting this article on the site? The writer of the review can then see and respond!