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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance TV Spot Arrives

ClickOnline writes: 'Columbia Pictures have released the First TV Spot for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. This follows on from the previously released Theatrical Trailer and again, lamentably, seems to underplay the dark, off kilter humour indicative of filmmakers Neveldine and Taylor.'

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alycakes3454d ago

I don't care what anyone ever say about this movie or the first one...I love Nick Cage and I love most (not all) but most of his work and I love Ghost Rider. He has to deal with the worst enemy and that's the enemy within himself and that is the Devil that has hold of him so to me that is the real story behind him and everything else around that is created for the storyline is just gravey to go with it.

MinimeJer053454d ago

This looks freakin' awesome. Regardless of the negative comments on the film I'm anticipating it to be a blast.

moosekebabs3454d ago

Nicholas Cage in another epic bout of awesomeness.

That said in a slightly sarcastic tone, I actually enjoyed the first one quite a lot, it was fun, which is more than can be said of some of his other recent movies.

Will watch it. On Blu Ray.

aDDicteD3454d ago

nice! hope it's better than the first one

brittuf3453d ago

It was a lot better than the first. Check it out for yourself at http://free.b4releasemovies...