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James Bond 'Skyfall' Website Gets Revamp (Video)

The new site for the 23rd Bond installment features the first footage from the film in a welcome video from co-producer Michael G. Wilson.

No, literally, you can watch a countdown until the release of the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, on the newly revamped site. In case you're wondering, there are currently 296 days of waiting left.

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alycakes3918d ago

I went to the website and it's nice. I guess it's good to have one for future info on what's going on witht he Bond series.

cloud4953918d ago

I hope Skyfall isn't a disappointment.

alycakes3917d ago

Me too...been waiting for a long time now for it to fail. It has hit a few bumps along the way but I'm hoping that it's a big hit at the end.