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Warner Bros. Says There Is "No Truth" To The New Audio Mix For Dark Knight Rises

CBM says

If you were hoping that the rumor that surfaced yesterday was true, then bad news... It seem that Warner Bros. is saying that nothing has changed as far as Bane's voice goes, and that there isn't any new audio mix.

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Crazay3919d ago

I'm glad they took all the criticism and listened to it and fixed the issue. Now if only they'd get that newly edited footage out to everyone.

alycakes3919d ago

I listened to it too and it does sound better.

Crazay3919d ago

BAHHH!! Seems that was just a rumor perpetuated form another site that other sites reported as fact. WB says this is not true.

Too Bad

darklordzor3919d ago

Damn, sucks that this turned out to be wrong. Oh well. I think they have messed with it a little. Bane's voice in the trailer is way more clear than it was in the prologue.

We have to remember that the prologue was completed and edited a while ago in order to make sure it got to theaters in time. Post-Production is constantly changing, so they could have tweaked the audio BEFORE the prologue even hit, and that's why they're saying they aren't changing it now.

Captain Qwark 93918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

i personally didnt have a problem with it, i think people just need something to complain about. im not saying its clear as day in the prolouge but i heard 90% of it just fine ( only part that wasnt clear was when he was talking to his merc just before the plane fell ) and that was a bootleg copy. people just need to pay attention. plus with it being slightly distorted it could add a little mystery to it.

Crazay3918d ago

Dude, NOBODY wants there to be any ambiguity or "little mystery" to what a movie protagonist is saying.

Captain Qwark 93918d ago

speak for yourself dude, i dont mind. just gives me another reason to watch it again, i may catch a few lines that i didnt the first time through.

and im not saying i wouldnt mind if i couldnt hear 50% of what he said, that would be a problem. but if i miss like 10%, not a big deal. and 10% is about the only amount i didnt understand from him as is. your prob just the same bunch of whiny people bitching over batmans voice too, he also sounds fine.

Crazay3918d ago

I think you meant to say "YOU'RE" and not "YOUR", however, I have no issue with Batman's voice, and am not saying that I struggled to hear what was being said but a little more clarity would without a doubt make it better.

I think I can safely say that you would be in the vast minority on your point to say that "mystery" comment. I can't help but wonder how bad he'll sound in the midst of a battle with batman or during the riots. No one wants to miss what's being said by the bad guy and unless it's done right people are going to be pissed.

alycakes3918d ago

I think that come time for the movie release and we all show up to see it...we will all be able to hear everything clear as day. This may just be exactly what they want so they will still have us wondering and waiting for what they plan on doing next.

MinimeJer053918d ago

I had no problems understanding it the first time around. I'm curious to find out of this is true or not with both sides going back and forth.

LtSkittles3918d ago

Me either, watched the prologue leaked, but could still understand him. Only problems I had was hearing what the CIA agent was saying.

MinimeJer053918d ago

Sometimes I think people complain just for the hell of it.

aDDicteD3918d ago

yup, same here, i think it was supposed to be that way because he has a mask,, i can understand what he is saying and it was not as bad as the critics were saying

JetLifer3918d ago

What dont you get... Its a part of the movie. Bane feels a certain way because people cant understand him. Its a part of his character deal with it.