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How Long Will Each Of The Mid-Season 2012 Shows Last?

Trendy Gamers: 2012 has started and that means part 2 of the 2011-2012 TV season has started. Shows have been cancelled and their mid-season replacements will start running very soon. This article will offer our opinion on just how long we think each of the following shows will last, because let’s be honest, not all of these shows are winners.

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alycakes3919d ago

I'm looking forward to The Finder and Touch. The Finder has a full season and a second season already. Touch has a full season but hasn't been picked up for a second so I hope it does well in the ratings to get picked up for a second. I think the storyline is interesting and would keep me watching if the writing is good.

TrendyGamers3919d ago

I just don't know about Touch. It doesn't look like it could be that interesting past the first season but I'll still hope.

gaffyh3918d ago

I've got a feeling that Touch is going to fail badly. If they think having Kiefer as the lead is enough, they are dead wrong.

alycakes3919d ago

Yes, I'm hoping for the best on that one too. I like the story concept but we'll have to see where they take it.

TrendyGamers3919d ago

Yeah and if all else fails, they could just have the kid die at the end of season 1 and kiefers character goes on a killing rampage.

pomoluese3919d ago

I hope Whitney gets canceled.

TrendyGamers3919d ago

I hope Whitney gets cancelled after one more episode and they air back to back Community's on Wednesday.

Blacktric3919d ago

I hate Whitney with passion and I hope it gets cancelled and its cast and crew goes to hell. Bring Community back goddamit!

pomoluese3919d ago

I really have no idea how it didn't get canceled the first week, and her other show isn't funny either or at least the bitchy jokes detract from the few funny parts it has.

Blacktric3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

It's the audience. Shows like Firefly, Dollhouse, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and now Community are all the victims of tasteless morons who watches and supports mediocre crap like Whitney and others. Check out Community's mid season finale episode's user score on for instance. It's 6.5. Pathetic... just pathetic. Glee vs. Kings Of Leon reference alone made me give that episode a 10 out of 10 instantly.