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Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "The Artist is the latest black and white silent film to take critics by storm and I’m not exactly sure why. It successfully recreates the look of a film made in the 1920′s and it provides you with two breakout performances, but it still feels like a gimmick. I have no problem with gimmick films that transport you back to a different period of film, but in the end it I ask myself if it was worth it besides the respectful tribute. The Artist is a little bit of both. It really does look authentic and the acting, camera work, music and everything else is given the proper handling to make it feel that much more genuine, but the film takes too long to get good, leaving you with the feeling of wanting more."

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alycakes3928d ago

I know this film is getting a lot of good press but I just don't want to go see a silent film...