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Stunning First Trailer For 'Upside Down' With Jim Sturgess And Kirsten Dunst

Hey U Guys.Co.UK:
Here we have a first look trailer for Juan Solanas’ new film, the sci-fi Upside Down, which is a rather prosaic name for the impressive vision on display here.

There’s elements of Inception, The Adjustment Bureau​ with just a dash of Italo Calvino here and the visuals are mesmerising. The excellent people at JimSturgessOnline pointed us to who debuted this trailer today.

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alycakes3451d ago

I'm not sure about this's interesting and yet kind of not a story line that makes sense in any of my brain cells. Teminator, Transformers, Aliens,....all that makes more sense than that.

MinimeJer053449d ago

The trailer does absolutely nothing for me. Made me laugh at the concept. It's just too silly of an idea for me to get "into".

alycakes3449d ago

That's what I was thinking's not usually what I feel when I see a new idea but this one is just too dumb.

MinimeJer053449d ago

Yeah, I was surprised because when the trailer first was released I read the synopsis and skipped out on watching it, but days later people kept posting about how interesting it looks. So I finally watched it and couldn't stop laughing at how dumb it looked. Glad I'm not the only one.