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Focus Features Picks up Zombie Comedy 'Juan Of The Dead' For U.S. Release

The Collider:
The Cuban zombie comedy Juan of the Dead played at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival and now it has been picked up for a North American release by Focus Features’ new digital distribution arm, Focus World. The eponymous character is 40-year-old slacker who makes zombie lemonade out of zombie lemons when a zombie outbreak hits Cuba and he’s able to make some scratch by slaying families’ fresh undead. Some critics have seen it as a political allegory, but director Alejandro Brugues says its commentary on Cuba is how its citizens manage to find a way to deal with poverty.

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alycakes3919d ago

Don't know what they're thinking on this one. I guess if you think on the line of Shaun of the Dead....then maybe.

pomoluese3917d ago

At first when I read the name I thought, oh a parody of a film that was making fun of zombie films. Then I read the description and thought Okay maybe not. Then I watched the trailer, I saw no lemonade and yeah it's pretty much like Shaun of the Dead.

alycakes3917d ago's about as dumb as they come but still kinda funny if you think about it long enough. Sometimes you just have to say 'What the hell' and go with it. It looks like a Quentin Tarention and Robert Rodriquez film to me.