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Movies That Will Kick Your Butt in 2012

2012 is shaping up to be a massive year for movies, with the likes of The Hobbit, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises set to pack them in at the multiplexes. But what of the smaller films hitting screens next year? Those hidden gems that arrive with little fanfare and succeed through positive notices and strong word-of-mouth. Well we've taken a look at next year's release schedule, and picked out a dozen films that have the potential to become 2012's breakout hits.

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alycakes3921d ago

I didn't even know some of these were coming out so I'm glad to hear about this because I'm a Bruce Willis fan and also Tom Hardy is in The Wettest County so I know I'll want to check that one out.

MorningStar3919d ago

Some really good films listed there and i agree that i haven't heard of a number of them but will defiantly be watching out for them.

alycakes3918d ago

I know...It's like they keep them off the grid sometimes. Just because they aren't big dollar movies doesn't mean they aren't good movies.