Weekend Box Office – 'Ghost Protocol' Wins New Year’s Frame; 'War Horse' Finds Its Footing

The Collider:
For the second week in a row, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the domestic box office champ… Happy New Year, Paramount! With a weekend estimate of $31.2 million, M:I 4 has already crossed $300 million in worldwide grosses and has now surpassed the final domestic total of Mission: Impossible 3 after 17 days in theatres. But Ghost Protocol is not the only film with something to celebrate. Unlike the Christmas holiday the final weekend of 2011 had enough good news to go around.

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alycakes3931d ago

This has been Tom's year...hope it lasts...I like him.

alycakes3929d ago

I finally saw this movie and I must say it is the best of the four. I thought it was very refreshing with the new team. Simon Pegg was great and brought a lightened things up a little. Even the storyline was good.

I enjoyed it from beginning to end and the surprises were totally unexpected and had a shock effect.

no_more_heroes3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

This is from the same guy who directed The Incredibles and Ratatouille animated movies and is his first live action movie.

From what I saw I'd say he absolutely killed it (in the good way, not the bad one).

pomoluese3929d ago

All I know about this movie is that Tom Cruise does a lot of running up and down a building and they drive BMWs.

alycakes3929d ago

He doesn't do a lot of running up and down a building...he only did that once and in the movie itself it only lasted for about a minute. If you only see the previews you only get the few good action shots to draw you in. The movie was down right awesome.

RememberThe3573928d ago

Why wont more people go see Dragon Tattoo?! The movie is f*ckin amazing, and I want to see Fincher do the whole trilogy.