Top 10 Most Charismatic WWE Wrestlers Ever

All right, time for a fun and chilled out article. If you’ve been reading of late you’ll know that the site likes to delve deep into psychology, philosophy, art and all that other high-brow bibble babble stuff. Time for a change.

This time we’re kicking our feet up and chilling out with the low brow but extremely entertaining WWE Universe as we count down the top 10 most charismatic WWE wrestlers of all time. Its time to play the game, so know your role, shut your mouth … WHAT?! … I said know your role, shut your mouth and bow to the king of kings, the iotola of rock and rolla and the American badass. And if you aint down with this list, we got two words for you: SUCK IT!

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alycakes3928d ago

Give me Stone Cold Steve Austin any day compared to anyone else. I don't watch this stuff but I like him...the man himself. After that it would be Dwayne Johnson but he doesn't compare to Austin's charisma.

Paulh823925d ago

Austin VS The Rock is definitely a tough one. Im actually a bigger fan of Austin, but I think in terms of screen presence and mic skills the Rock is simply the best there ever was.

aDDicteD3927d ago

very nice list but in my opinion triple h should have been a bit higher,, yup Rocky is the best his good on both wrestling and talking

Paulh823925d ago

I could perhaps have put HHH above Jericho and Punk. Hmmmmm... he is better in the ring, but I think Punk and Jericho are better on mic, which is what I was looking at mostly.

aDDicteD3923d ago

well hhh is good in mic too,,