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Wilson's Worst Films of 2011 - The Daily Rotation

Wilson of The Daily Rotation wrote, "It has been a big year for movies. Some great films have come out. Surely, I wish I could have the privilege to share those with you, but that’s not what my job is today. I am here to bring you the worst of the worst. The worst tooth pulling, ass-to-mouthed, bird watching, alien invading, Adam Sandler’d movies of the year. Fuck, the things I go through for you readers."

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alycakes3921d ago

I have to disagree with this on Pirates and Hanna. I could have done without Penelope Cruz in the Pirates movie but other than that I enjoyed it just as much as the first 3. Johnny Depp always takes me into whatever world he's in and that's what I like about his movies. They also had a totally different twist to this one with the mermaids and I liked that they changed it up a little.

Hanna was also a good movie. It had action and good story to it. It was interesting and kept you guessing and what I liked best was that it had a wonderful twist at the end. That always makes me happy.

aDDicteD3921d ago

breaking dawn, pirates and i am no. 4 shouldn't be on that list

alycakes3920d ago

I never saw I Am #4...was it pretty good?

aDDicteD3920d ago

it was just ok,it was not bad but they could had done much better, in a 1-10 scale probably i'll give it a 7

D3mons0ul3920d ago

Just came in to make sure Hobo with a Shotgun isn't on this shitty list.

iamnsuperman3920d ago

Pirates wasn't a bad film but it wasn't good either. I left feeling the film was pretty meh.