Red Skull The Second Villain In The Avengers??

NECA's HeroClix will be releasing a new line of miniature figurines in 2012 representing the Marvel's "The Avengers" film. What is interesting about this is that Red Skull, the villain from "Captain America: The First Avenger", is actually included in this upcoming line yet...

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alycakes3931d ago

I guess anything is possible and I'm sure we're in for many surprises as we've only seen a small part of what we are actually are in for when we go see the movie.

Joss Whedon is an excellent director and he also doesn't disappoint so I'm expecting a few surprises.

aDDicteD3931d ago

no surprise there,, nice points and it is possible indeed that he is included in the film,

RememberThe3573930d ago

I hope not. I really didn't think he was a good villain in Captain America.

johnnyvegas3930d ago

Thanks for the spoiler. I've seen a couple of headlines about their being a secret second villain and avoided reading the articles. You're the first website that spoiled it in the headline, though. Thanks, doucher.

LETHIS3930d ago

Dear lady Doucher,

First off this is a rumor not a spoiler. Hence the question mark at the end. Know the difference. Example: Microsoft to launch a new X-box next year?? Another Question marks placed to make it questionable not a fact. Its a spoiler when its official.

Secondly we were not the first and only one to report this. Search IGN.

Third, sorry you were on the internet. Its full of spoilers and bad things. Like these spoiler; Catwomen is in the new Batman or MegaBlocks confirm the Lizard in the new Spider-Man. I can go on but I made my point clear Miss Douche Jonny

Lastly, I hope the Red Skull is not in the Avengers. I dont think his strength and pistol would work on any of the Avengers.

johnnyvegas3930d ago

First of all, their title says "Is this Red Skull." Whereas, your title says, "Redskull in the secret villain in the avengers?" Which do you think actually spells it out for you when there ha been rumors about their being a secret second villain? Hmm... Yours!

Second, Catwoman isn't a secret villain, Lizard isn't a secret villain. The word secret hasn't dawned on you before I guess. Marvel has yet to reveal any footage of a second villain in a trailer so I assume they wanted to keep secret for now too.

Third, just cuz it's the Internet doesn't mean it can't be spoiler free. Should I just spoil every ending in movies? Cuz we all know how it going to end, the good guy wins. That's what your logic is coming.

johnnyvegas3930d ago

Wow! Also, I am finally able to get onto a computer and the link that you put in your reply is actually a link of Captain America, NOT The Avengers movie. Get the correct link at least when you're trying to prove a point!

I also stated that there were a couple of websites that have stated that there was a secret villain without spoiling it in the headline. I'll use IGN just like you for my example. There headline is, "Avengers' Second Villain Exposed?" Notice a difference between their headline and yours? At least their headline isn't a complete spoiler like yours.

Just a friendly reminder of future headlines for your site.

tarbis3930d ago

That would perfect sense if Red Skull is the 2nd villain. Loki saving Reddy from where ever he is in return reddy serve under him.

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