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First, a warning. True to the book, this film contains scenes of torture and rape that are excruciating to watch. Some people left the theater at a certain scene that those familiar with the story can probably guess, but, ugly as they are, these sequences are necessary, and I encourage those with strong stomachs to grit their teeth and watch. It only strengthens the viewer's sense of justice, indignation, and vengeance. It is necessary that we share these emotions with protagonists Salander and Blomkvist throughout the second half of the movie. For there to be justice, there must be injustice, and in the end, it’s worth listening to Bjurman say “I think we ended things badly last time” to see Salander pull out a taser and respond, “me too.” That being said, you’ve been warned. After shooting the scene referenced above, the actor who portrayed Niels Bjurman spent the day locked in his hotel room weeping. The shoot had caused him genuine emotional trauma.

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alycakes3454d ago

Haven't got to see it yet but really looking forward to it. I will have to go see it sometime this week after the holidays are over.

RememberThe3573454d ago

It's dope. It's everything they're saying it is.

SnakeCQC3454d ago

the remake sucks just watch the original that actually did have really good english dubs

KeiserSosay47883454d ago

EXACTLY. I've lost almost all respect for American films as of late. All we do anymore is take other countries films and remake them.

gaffyh3453d ago

For some reason i don't want to even look at the description of this film... i think its the title that puts me off, not sure why,m must be a psychological thing.