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Game of Shadows sees the return of the eponymous hero and his loyal partner/best-friend Dr. Watson as they work to stop the diabolical Professor Moriarty, played with a menacing amiability by Jared Harris. Moriarty's motives are (at first) unclear, but he's most definitely involved with the terrorist bombings in both France and Germany, a series of random murders (or are they?), and the accession of established businesses.

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alycakes3930d ago

I just have to say again how much I enjoyed this movie. I thought some of the scenes were so funny and unexpected. Then some of them you had to listen and think to understand what was going on but I really liked it a lot.

no_more_heroes3930d ago

This movie gave me, personally, all that I could have wanted from it. Enjoyed it from beginning to end, an ending which took a feather to my funny bone and tickled it furiously.

Unlike the writer in this review, however, I didn't have any trouble following the story at all.

I eagerly await the third one.

alycakes3929d ago

I was the same way....when he threw Dr Watson's new wife off the train...I thought I was going to fall off my chair I was laughing so hard.

gaffyh3929d ago

I really enjoyed the first one, so i am really looking forward to this, Robert Downey Jr is a legend!