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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Review | TheGameEffect

After an uncertain opening, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo not only delivers on its fans’ many expectations but surprises with minor improvements to its source material and deeply nuanced performances from its cast. With a film this long, and with this much baggage attached (a remake of an adaptation of a best-selling novel,) one could spend a great deal of time combing through the ups-and-downs in comparison to its predecessors. This sort of back-and-forth, however, does no justice to the film for its own merits. I will say only one thing by way of comparing Fincher’s version to the Swedish original: What Mara achieves as Lisbeth Salander that Noomi Rapace could not is a deep sense of pathos, of Lisbeth as more than just a symbol or archetype, but Lisbeth as a human being, a deeply wounded but vulnerable and – ultimately – lovable human being.

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alycakes3448d ago

I hear good things then I hear bad things and that's why I don't like to listen to critics. I just need to make my own judgement on things. If something isn't what I thought it was going to be then I need to be my own judge about it. I can't let what others say force me to see or not see this movie.

I really think that's why I've waited so long and haven't seen it yet.

3446d ago