Matt's Best Films of 2011 - WGTC

Matt of We Got This Covered wrote, "It was an interesting year for film. Perhaps not as notable or memorable as 2010, but 2011 certainly had its moments and there were many films released that will likely leave their mark on the world of cinema for years, perhaps even decades to come."

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TheHip143920d ago

First list to include Source Code, at least that I've seen

KidMakeshift3919d ago


Are you fucking kidding me?

Why not throw "In Time' and 'I Melt With You" as your best of 2011 too

Horrible HORRIBLE movie

MinimeJer053914d ago

I'll have to back Matt up. Insidious is a very effective horror film. I didn't put it on my top list, but it's good!

alycakes3918d ago

I can see Moneyball and Warrior on the, so on the rest.