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The Most Profitable Movies Of 2011 & More Poor Expenditures

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Being a Hollywood executive is like being a gambler. Coming home with $2000 in your pocket is pretty impressive, and some execs would happily brag about such a thing. But few like to openly discuss the fact they left the house with $4000.

Every week, Hollywood celebrates the biggest grossing films like a gambler, crowing about their numbers. However, this year has changed and studios were a bit more careful with their spending, leading to a crop of films with massive profit margins. Nevertheless, Hollywood is never without their turkeys -- the rise in overseas business (thanks to the proliferation of international theaters and 3D houses) doesn’t hide the fact that studios usually only take home 40% of international ticket sales. Add to that a severely weakened DVD market (few are compelled to turn the “hits” of today into collectibles) and the stakes are higher than ever, with failures making more damage on the studio ledger than ever before.

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pomoluese4558d ago

I still need to watch Hugo, but I think I'll wait until it comes out on DVD.

alycakes4558d ago many movies I'm behind on that I think I'm going to do the same thing on this one...but it does look like a great movie and the people I've talked to that have seen it have loved it.

alycakes4558d ago

I was also going to say that I wanted to see Machine Gun Preacher with Gerard Butler and I wanted to see Beaver but those were 'limited release' and I didn't even get them in my how can they be successful if people don't even get the option to go see them. I don't know that they would have done much better but there would have been a greater possibility.

gaffyh4557d ago

Think i only saw half of those movies, still have Hugo to watch also

alycakes4557d ago

I guess I saw a about 12 of them and I liked most of the ones I saw. A couple of them were a little disappointing.


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