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The Biggest Mistake Movie Fans Make

With the enlightening revelations of recent psychological research into the effects of movies—research that ultimately proved that movies can be used for personal development—the very face of the movie industry is changing.
A full introduction of the positive psychology of movies can be found here–Positive Psychology, Movies and You—but to give a brief recap: psychological research has revealed that watching movies can inspire and develop various virtues or character strengths that the positive psychology movement claims are the keys to a healthy, happy and successful life. There are twenty four of these virtues and strengths, ranging from love to bravery to gratitude, each of which are essential to living a full and successful life....

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pomoluese3923d ago

Hmmm this may make sense,I don't know about those movie suggestions though. I've watched The Lion King several times and I don't think it encouraged me to be myself, I haven't claimed my rightful place as ruler from my uncle with a deformed face.

Paulh823923d ago

haha. No, I am still waiting for my own crown too... but of course the exact effect a movie will have on someone is entirely personal. Star Wars, for instance, might have inspired millions to be more imaginative, yet it has next to no effect on those who are not so keen on it. As such, all anyone can do is point people in the right direction. What they see when they get there is entirely dependent on the eyes they see through.

DoctorGrant3922d ago

I know right. When I went and stayed with my friends that ate bugs I didn't get to learn any new songs. All I got was T.B.

pomoluese3922d ago

And when hyenas stuck bird nanny in a steaming hot geyser, he died.

Lord_Sloth3923d ago

This article needs a tl;dr!

KrimsonKody3923d ago

...Does porn movies have virtues...?

gaffyh3920d ago

Surely this has been happening in stories and movies since their inception, every movie has to have a message or a moral and something you should take from it, otherwise what is the point of them in the long run