Marvel Defeats 'Ghost Rider' Creator In Long-Running Fight Over Rights

A Judge ruled that Gary Friedrich plainly handed over all rights on "Ghost Rider" character to Marvel in two contracts from 1970s. The ruling comes as a new film starring Nicolas Cage is about to be released.

When Columbia Pictures released Ghost Rider in 2007, comic book author Gary Friedrich wasn't happy.

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alycakes3456d ago

I had no idea this whole time there was a problem like this going on.

MinimeJer053456d ago

Neither did I. I'm surprised Marvel was allowed to have their name attached to the previous film while this was going on.

DarkBlood3456d ago

creative inventions you better hope you dont become popular otherwise big companies will try to buy the rights to it and claim it as thier new original ideas

its a reason i made to my self not to get in the business of it no matter how fun it may be to do projects like that i'll just stick to taking whatever i like that they put out

Baka-akaB3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Still his creator input isnt even a settled matter , but a subject of controversity not just with some Marvel execs but with even at least one writer and one artist involved in the project . And beyond that he's not at all the reason the character even became popular and what he is right now .

Not claiming he's a liar either , especially when Marvel has done some shady stuff too , but again his input on the sum that makes up the char popular is limited either way , and he didnt need to wait for a movie to sue .

DarkBlood3455d ago

true, it usually takes big money companies to make something popular i bet some creators really hate they have to give up the rights to do so

alycakes3455d ago

It is a hard business but sometimes it pays off. You just have to make sure you read between the lines and all the small print before you sign your life away.

pomoluese3455d ago

Always keep the receipts.

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