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Positive Psychology, Movies and You

For years, movie fans have been entertained by directors, screenwriters and actors who create magical stories that provide a couple of much needed hours of entertainment after a hard day’s work, and for most, interest in movies extends no further than that. We movie fans want simple entertainment, nothing more. According to psychological studies into the effects of movies, however, what the movie-going public gets from movies extends far beyond simple entertainment.

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alycakes3459d ago

This is actually true. Movie that are feel good movies with a good inspiring ending always make me walk out with a smile on my face. The ones that are good action packed and the good guy wins does about the same thing and I can't wait to tell someone about it.

I love recommending certain movies to people I know.

Paulh823459d ago

What movies do you recommend, alycakes? Would be interested to hear.

alycakes3457d ago

Well it depends on what you've seen and what type of movies you like. I can go from one extreme to another. I like comedies to vampires but I'm not into the Twilight, more like Underworld. I like all the Superhero movies too.

Did you ever see Sin City? That was really good,it's a comic book by Frank Miller and made by Robert Rodriquez. More recent I really liked Real Steel and Warrior...both of those were a lot better than I ever thought they were going to be.

Paulh823455d ago

Sin city was a great movie, yeah, loved it.I see you like the more modern, special effects style movies then. Thats cool.

Do you watch world cinema too? I like quite a lot of foreign works as well as the real great hollywood flicks. Stuff like Cinema Paradiso, Il Postino, Les Enfants Du Paradis etc. I was fortunate in that I was forced to watch hours and hours of world cinema in acting and writing schools... thought I would hate it but ended up loving it. heh.

alycakes3455d ago

I don't get the channels to watch too much foreign films but the few I have seen I've loved. I don't mind subtitles either. I love some of the old classics too. Like I said I can go from one extreme to another because I also like some musicals and broadway too depending on what it is.

It's great that you've had the opportunity to have that training for yourself.