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Nicole Kidman Rides With Zac Efron In Paperback Book Style Poster For 'The Paperboy'

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Well, it took him a little while to settle on something, and after flirting with a seemingly endless list of projects, "Precious" director Lee Daniels returns with a bit of a shift in direction with the period thriller "The Paperboy." And if this poster is anything to go by, this could be a very unexpected treat.

Boasting an all-star cast – Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, John Cusack and Nicole Kidman – the film is based on the book by Pete Dexter and follows Ward James (McConaughey), a respected journalist, and his brother Jack (Efron), a college dropout, investigating the possible wrongful conviction of a death row inmate (Cusack) who was found guilty of killing the town’s sheriff in Florida. As all this unfolds, Jack winds up falling for the convict's love interest (Kidman).

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alycakes3923d ago

I had not heard about this movie either...where are these movies coming from? He's kinda young for Nicole Kidman but that's the movies for you.

LettingGo3923d ago

I can't wait to see him in more roles. Most people won't give him a shot because of High School Musical, but he's a phenomenal actor!

alycakes3921d ago

Yes he is...I've seen him is something else...can't remember right off the name and he was very good. He'll get his big shot some day.

gaffyh3920d ago

meh.... another movie that seems lame