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2011: The Year In 3D

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If there is a single cinematic subject that seems to unite commenters, bloggers, filmmakers, distributors and exhibitors in vehemence, it has to be the rise/fall of the exciting new format/gimmicky fad that is the post-“Avatar” 3D film. However, rather frustratingly if you’re, say, researching an article on 3D, the balance of opinion doesn’t really tip in either direction when it comes to this chatter: for every pundit who declares the format moribund and swears off it entirely, there’s another insisting that it’s here to stay and anyone who doesn’t embrace it is a luddite and a fool. Amusingly, their interpretations may be entirely at odds, but they are often citing exactly the same statistics.

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alycakes3923d ago

I don't know but I hope the 3D hype is over a little bit. I would at least like for all movies to come out in both 2D and 3D if they want them in 3D. Then all of us would have the choice of which one to go see.

LettingGo3922d ago

I know 3D is expensive, but I freaking LOVE it! I bought a 3D LED Vizio on black Friday for $600. Best purchase I've ever made. Not only do I get to wear REGULAR glasses that don't require batteries, but it's a GORGEOUS 42" LED television for $600!

While there isn't as much 3D content out there as I'd like, I'm glad I have a PS3. Lol. Tons of games are in 3D! If you haven't played Uncharted 3 or taken down a colossus in SotC in haven't lived!

pomoluese3921d ago

I hated Uncharted in 3D, everyone was amazed but I just thought it looked cheap. In general I think 3D looks cheap.

pomoluese3921d ago

I hope 3D just becomes one of those big flops that they talk about 10 years down the road.

gaffyh3920d ago

Wonder what CESS 2012 brings to the table, because i am seeing all the 3DTVs just topple in price, i hear glasses less 3D is coming

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