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The Best Oddball Christmas Films To Watch During The Holidays

ScreenCrave - Christmas. It’s a time in which families huddle together around the warm, bustling glow of the fireplace, with the mantle framed with rows of stockings the TV set as we nod off from half a gallon of eggnog and some turkey. And, in keeping with that tradition, we here at ScreenCrave have cobbled together a list of our favorite unusual Christmas films—not A Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful Life or any other of the more obvious picks; rather, it’s our favorite oddball X-mas movies, the films that somehow catch our attention every single year, even if they aren’t exactly the most appropriate holiday fare.

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LettingGo3451d ago

Not a bad list. :)

I'd have to add Jingle All The Way, Santa's Slay, or Rare Exports.