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IGN - Colombiana Blu-ray Review

IGN - You've seen Colombiana, even if you haven't already viewed the film. It's the same old tired revenge story recycled and repackaged as something fresh and exciting. It's not, I assure you. The film doesn't even really try to offer some kind of loving nostalgia for '70s grindhouse revenge pictures of yore. Nope. That would require some kind of originality and style. Instead, Colombiana is a mercilessly dull actioner that takes way too long to get going, and once it does, it somehow manages to offer even less than imagined.

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gaffyh3416d ago

Was wondering what this was about, saw the posters, but a 6?... i will pass on it, no time for sub-par stuff anymore

alycakes3414d ago

I didn't see it either...It didn't do well at the box office...just your run of the mill shoot em up story so I didn't see it either.